TikTok Exposes That 50% Of Women Have ‘FAKE’ Engagement Rings!! (Video)


A new study coming from a New York City based think-tank claims that up to 50% of all women are wearing “fake” diamond engagement rings. And according to this report, the women have NO IDEA THE RINGS ARE FAKE.

A recent viral TikTok video series, put this issue squarely in the public eye.In the video, a high school student wreaks havoc in the lives of his teachers with a $16 “diamond tester” which he uses to tell whether a diamond is real or not.

This student now a rising TikTok star known as DiamondTesterKid, uploaded his first video on Sept. 21st in an eight-part series.


In a now-viral clip, which has been viewed over 4.9M times, the teen uses a Diamond Selector II to test if one of his teacher’s wedding rings is a real diamond or a simulant stone, such as cubic zirconium. 

“You think it’s real?” the TikToker asks his unsuspecting teacher. “Yeah, of course!” she replies.

“Let me test it,” says the teen, before touching the tip of the Diamond Selector II to the ring’s large center stone.

Unfortunately, the tool determined that the stone was not a real diamond, which the teacher was not too happy about.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As MTO News has learned – that women having a fake ring diamond is way more common than you expect.

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