Deyjah Harris Defends Father T.I: They Only Focused On Some D*mn Juice!!

Deyjah Harris has spoken out in defense of her father T.I. after fans showed concerns when she tweeted that he woke her up at 5am to ask her if she wanted some juice.

She eventually deleted a tweet but a fan asked her why:

Check out her clap back below:

The tweet was from back in January.

“This is gonna sound super weird but last night, my pops woke me up around 5 AM asking if I wanted some juice and when I sat up, it LITERALLY felt as if I caught a charley horse but it was on the right side of my neck [sic].”

In response to a question from a follower, Deyjah said: “lmaooo, this isn’t a normal thing. He just randomly came and asked if i wanted juice. i was confused like shit but i took it… [sic]”

T.I. and wife Tiny Harris have been accused of allegedly drugging, raping and trafficking more than a dozen women. The couple have repeatedly and “emphatically” denied all of the allegations against them.

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