‘Devil Worshipper’ Murders 21 Yr Old Student On HBCU Campus (Lincoln University)

A Philadelphia woman – who is being described on social media as a ‘devil worshipper’ – has been charged with murder for last week’s triple stabbing on the campus of the Historically Black College, Lincoln University, MTO News confirmed.

The brutal stabbing left one student dead. 

Police say Nydira Smith, 39, stabbed three students on the night of Feb. 16 after a fight broke out in a dorm. 

One of them, 21-year-old Jawine Evans, was fatally stabbed in the neck. The two others, both 22 years old, were treated and released for non-fatal stab wounds.

Jawine died at the scene.

Police say the video shows Nydira looking up at Jawine before “plunging the knife down from above her head a second time and into the right-side neck/chest area of Jawine.”

After Jawine was stabbed, Nydira makes two more stabbing motions, injuring the two other students, the criminal complaint says.

Officers obtained the video of the incident from a resident of the dorm.

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Nydira is charged with 1st-degree murder, 3rd-degree possession of an instrument of crime, aggravated assault and other related charges.

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare,” DA Deb Ryan said. “This senseless and tragic incident is devastating to not only the families of the victims, but the entire Lincoln University community students, staff and parents- who believed their college campus was a safe place.”

Jawine was a senior set to graduate in May. His family released a statement thanking investigators and expressing their grief.

“My husband and I are devastated over the loss of our beloved son Jawine. We thought he would be safe on the campus of Lincoln University, and never dreamed such a terrible thing could happen here. We’re stunned at the lax security but extremely grateful to Chester County law enforcement for catching Jawine’s killer, and for DA Ryna’s comments showing she is taking a strong public stand to bring his killer to justice,” Jawine’s mother, Beverly Evans, said.

Ryan and Lincoln University officials held a press conference Thursday morning to announce the charges against Smith.

The DA’s office believes the stabbing was premeditated, noting Nydira drove more than one hour from Philadelphia to the campus with a knife.

Social media reports claim that past social media reports suggest that Nydira may have been a devil worshipper

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