Derrick Jaxn’s Alleged Mistress: My House Is In All Of His Videos!!

The alleged mistress of Derrick Jaxn has claimed that he filmed almost all of his car videos while in front of her house.

In fact, she says you can see her house in his videos.

“I have never been to his house. I’ve never been to a penthouse or anything. He always came to my home. If you look in all of his videos that he has uploaded, my front balcony is in the back of his videos. It’s the white arches. That’s my home,” she told blogger Tasha K.

She says she’s seen him recently.

“The last time I seen Derrick was on the 18th of March, last week.”

And she was confused by all of the religious references in his videos.

She said, “He talks about self control. He doesn’t go into God, God, God. That’s why it’s so crazy when I hear him saying he’s supposed to be in line with God. He doesn’t talk like that. That’s not him. That is something he just picked up. Usually, he’s talking about investing, talking about money. He has never came to me religious. This is a new Derrick.”

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