Derrick Jaxn Denies Forcing His Wife To Speak About His Cheating On Camera

Derrick Jaxn has addressed comments from fans who have accused him of forcing his wife to make a video, claiming that she knew about his affair.

Da’Nai said: “There is no justification for bringing another woman into our relationship on any level. It is unacceptable and this is not something I will tolerate or we will tolerate moving forward. I have been flooded with messages asking why haven’t I left but the answer for that is when I found out I did leave. I did not hesitate or waste my time. I stood firm on not coming back.”

She added: “I did not come back until I saw a shift in his personality or how he presented himself during conversations. This is something we never had in 12 years of knowing each other.”

Many people felt she looked uncomfortable and that she did not want to be on camera.

Derrick responded to the comments in a long rambling video — all in the third person.

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