Derrick Jaxn Apologizes For Pastor John Gray Hypocrisy

Derrick Jaxn has been doing a lot of explaining, and this time, TSR asked him about his previous remarks about him calling out Pastor John Gray, who was caught cheating on his wife as well.

“Why did you feel the need to call out John Gray when you were doing the same thing? Is there an explanation?” they asked on Instagram Live.

Jaxn says that his actions were “prideful and egotistical” and “out of alignment.” He appeared to take responsibility for being hypocritical.

“What is the price that any woman can expect to have to pay to try to love a broken man? What scars is she still dealing with ’till this day that will never heal,” Jaxn said in 2018. “If no scars, then just in that eight-year time span of trying to love you, and raise you, and give birth to you as a man, what would you say she risked resorting to because she already had her own battles to fight and here she is fighting yours because you didn’t get them to a point where you didn’t need her to fight your battles for you or cover you in places that you still need healing?”

Pastor John Gray had a few things to say to Jaxn himself. See his response below:

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