Denise Richards ‘Shocked & Saddened’ Charlie Sheen No Longer Has To Pay Child Support

A judge recently ruled that Charlie Sheen no longer had to pay Denise Richards child support as their daughter Sami is now living with him — and she is not happy.

“Charlie has pushed dates in court with Denise for years so she didn’t expect a ruling to happen, let alone when she was out of town on a work trip,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She was shocked to say the least and thinks Charlie used that to his advantage.”

The insider told the outlet that Sami actually lives with both parents.


“Lola splits time between both Charlie and Denise’s homes but Denise has been the primary caretaker for the girls for years.” The source added that “Denise is very saddened by all of this. She’s an incredible mother who loves her kids and would do anything in the world for them.”

Sami moved out after claiming Denise was abusive. Denise denies the allegations and says she’s just a stricter parent than Sheen.

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