Death Row Producer Claims Suge Knight Gave Keyshia Cole Power Over Label When She Was 12!!


Former Death Row producer Kurt Kobane continues to spill the tea… this time, he alleges that Suge Knight gave singer Keyshia Cole power over Death Row when she was just 12.

 “She was a part of, I believe, Hammer’s situation from Oakland,” he told The Art of Dialogue before adding that Keyshia was “eleven or twelve.” 

“She was really like a fish out of water in this situation ’cause she’s only 12-years-old, she’s trying to do R&B at Death Row Records… So, we was really working with her project which we wasn’t taking too serious at the time.”

He says Suge treated her like a niece.

 “Suge was giving her power. She was like, Suge little niece or something, you know what I’m sayin’? At twelve. She was gettin’ whatever the f*ck she want so if she want studio time, you had to go work with Keyshia.”


Kobane previously claimed that Suge and Halle Berry used to date and that Michel’le told Tupac that she caught Dr. Dre in bed with another man. Michel’le denied the claims however.

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