Daz Dillinger: Snoop Dogg’s Mad Eminem Refused To Give Him A Feature!!

Tha Dogg Pound member Daz Dillinger, who is also Snoop Dogg’s cousin, says that Snoop is still hurt that Eminem rejected a feature many moons ago.

Back in the days, they did that [‘Bitch Please’] song with Nate Dogg,” Daz said on Clubhouse. “And then Eminem did that on his album. When I was talking to Snoop one time, he said that he asked Eminem and them to get on his song, to get on his album and they told him ‘No.’ And Snoop felt like, ‘I did all this and all that, and they tell me ‘no?!’ Nobody tells me ‘no’!'”


He added, “Eminem probably even didn’t know that Snoop asked to do a song. That was probably Paul Rosenberg or somebody saying ‘No!’ He probably even didn’t get to Eminem that Snoop wanted to do a song with him. But [Snoop] took it personally. That’s why you’ve never heard a song from Snoop and Eminem since then.”

Snoop and Eminem have been trading disses over the holiday period.

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