David Adefeso’s Restraining Order Against Tamar Dismissed Because Nobody Shows to Court

The restraining order filed by David Adefesco against Tamar Braxton has been dismissed as neither party showed up to court for a recent hearing date.

Adefeso filed for the order in September and Tamar was ordered to maintain a 100-yard distance from him. She was also forced to vacate their shared apartment. 

Adefeso accused Tamar of being physically abusive towards him and in need of protection.


“I’ve been a victim of domestic violence, of domestic assault. I was attacked,” he said in a lengthy interview after Tamar was admitted to a treatment facility after attempting to kill herself.

Tamar claimed Adefeso grabbed her in the car after they had argued over a social media post.

“I’ve never, ever, ever, and never will ever put my hand on a woman. I grew up in a household where my parents were married for 50 years… and my mom and dad were the most loving and kind couple… I didn’t grow up in that [kind of] environment,” Adefeso said at the time.

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