Dave East Says J. Cole Told Him He Rapped w/ ‘One Tone’

Rapper Dave East says J. Cole once told him he rapped the same on every track.

“I got a chance to lock in with J. Cole, just me and him in the studio with the engineer. And he asked that same question, like, ‘Bro, I’m a fan of what you do, I really respect your pen but you rap with one tone.’ And I really sat and listened to myself, and a lot of my sh-t is one tone,” Dave told Ebro Darden.

He continued, “Me and him in the studio, and we testing out tones. Lalalalala! All this, I’m doing with J. Cole, but he’s just really trying to see how high I can take my voice and how low I can take it. And he was like, ‘Yo, apply that to your music.'”

Do y’all agree with J. Cole? Does Dave East rap the same (on his earlier songs) or is J. Cole trippin’?

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