Danileigh Trolled By Twitter For Claiming She’s African!!

Singer Danileigh got into a back and forth with reality television star and rapper Akbar V — where she claimed that she was 39% West African.

“@DaniLeigh I want to tell you baby you are not black no matter how many black wigs u let them put on you baby just be yourself damn and keep making vibe songs for us ….no matter how many black penis u f*ck u are not black ok thank u ms yellow world,” Akbar tweeted.

“is dani leigh afro-latino? that’s my question, cause she says n*gga so freely, but being dominican doesn’t mean she’s black. & that’s been my gripe wit her from jump street,” a fan tweeted.

The singer responded, tweeting, “I’m 39% west African .. Those were wrong . Thanks.”

But eagle-eyed Twitter recalled Danileigh previously saying that she was 40%.

 “40% west African blood in my system,” she wrote in 2020, but she also previously claimed that she only had 17% African in her blood.


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