Danileigh Threatens To Sue Blog For Posting About Her!!

Danileigh has threatened legal action against a blog for posting about her.

Danileigh blasted the ShadeRoom for posting about her… because now the posts are not as flattering as they used to be since her “Yellow Bone” controversy.

“F*ck @TheShadeRoom. @theshaderoom is a evil ass f*cking platform I blocked em months ago and they still wanna post me every f*ckin day. I’m getting my attorney on this sh*t ! Imagine that I was a depressed Lil girl that was effected by this internet sh*t y’all would be posting my ‘RIP’ POST F*CK YALL DEAD ASS,” she wrote on Instagram Story.

She continued: “Y’all always wanna post sh*t that’s gon be viral knowing what people gon say. And u don’t even be posting the truth. Y’all really got some problem with me. For whatever reason. U don’t kno me.”

Danileigh caught heat this week for saying she was 39%, 40% and originally 17% African after being called out for not being Black.

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