Danileigh Speaks: ‘Im NOT Black, But I Love Black Men . . . & Black Women Are JEALOUS!!

R&B singer Danileigh is getting dragged all across social media this morning, after a popular podcaster spilled some explosive tea about the Latina rapper.

According to Blue Telusma from Hollywood Unlocked, Danileigh made some extremely racist statements about Black people, especially Black women.

Blue spoke out on the Hollywood Unlocked podcast and explained an interaction she had with the lite skinned rapper.

She told Jason Lee, host of the podcast, “I was on a pro-Latina panel with Danileigh several weeks before [she released the controversial song] Yellow Bone, and behind the scenes when they were doing Mic checks, [Danileigh] was real candid with me and she told me to my face that she doesn’t consider herself Black but [she] likes Black music and Black men.”

And it gets worse.

Blue continued to spill the tea, saying, “she wishes Black women weren’t so jealous [of her].” (oh word?)


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