Danileigh Is PREGNANT By Da Baby; Having A ‘Liteskin Baby’ w/ The Rapper

Last month rapper Da Baby revealed that he was THROUGH with his then girlfriend Danileigh – but he left her with something to remember him by. MTO News is hearing that Da Baby got her pregnant, and that Danileigh is having his baby.

And yesterday, video of Danileigh leaked – and wow does she look pregnant. The video, which MTO News has posted below, appears to confirm what we are hearing about her and DaBaby.

Singer DaniLeigh was recently at the center of a social media storm after she posted a snippet of her song “Yellow Bone” last month. In the since deleted video, Danileigh bops to her track, mouthing along to the lyrics, “Yellow bone is what he wants…yellow bone is what he wants.”

Social media was quick to point out the problems with the song, naming the colorism and anti-Blackness at the core of “Yellow Bone.” Others postulated that it was a diss track aimed at the ex-girlfriend of DaBaby, a dark skinned black woman.

Danileigh eventually apologized – emphasis on eventually – and a week later Da Baby dumped her. He’s moved reportedly on to another woman as well.

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