Dame Dash Says Social Media Platforms Profit From Beef

Dame Dash says he believes that social media platforms make money from rap beef.

“It’s an algorithm that needs to be stopped,” he told Shannon Sharpe. “If you like to look at trolling and beef and it pops up on your phone. The algorithms are what’s controlling us right now … It’s a program, it’s knowing how to trigger people and it’s profitable [from] our dysfunction.”

He continued, “YouTube should stop paying when people put up beef. Instead of people paying attention to a negative algorithm, they should pay attention to a positive one. It’s just the program that we keep falling into … What needs to be profitable is our love and our unity, and that’s what has to be showcased. But no one shows that.”

In the same interview, Dame confirmed that the original cast of Paid In Full will not be returning for the upcoming sequel.

“They’re too old,” he told Shannon Sharpe. “They’re all 50 now. We’re going to make Cocoon: Paid In Full? It’ll be what? Paid In Full: Nursing Home? They’re too old to play young characters.”


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