Dame Dash Goes Off On Rachel Roy’s Lawyer At Child Support Hearing


Dame Dash reportedly threatened to make Rachel Roy’s lawyer “famous” during a heated court hearing over child support.

Dame’s ex is claiming that he is once again behind on his child support payments.

“I can make you famous, too, because you keep playing with my family,” Dash said to Roy’s lawyer Donnell Suares at the court hearing per Page Six. “You keep playing on purpose to make me pay.”


“He’s threatening me now sir,” the attorney complained to the judge. “Could you please advise the defendant not to threaten me or my client.”

The judge then sided with Dame: “I think he said he’s going to make you famous … I think Mr. Suares would be very content not to be famous as long as his client gets what she is entitled to.”

“She is going to get her money but I’m making him famous,” Dash quipped.

“Just pay it. Just pay the money,” Sures responded.

“I like what you told me initially,” the judge later said to Dash. “You told me you were going to pay and you want to make sure your kids get what they are entitled to [and] you did not at all want to disregard your obligations. Let’s leave it at that. That’s the message we want to leave on,” the judge said.

Dame alleges that he was sent everything he was paid — but he was not sent this bill for $100,000 he is currently being sued for.

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