Dame Dash Claims Cam’ron Got Shot Over ‘Paid In Full’ Role

Dame Dash claimed that Cam’ron’s shooting in 2005 was really over his Paid In Full role.

Cam played Rico in the movie. The character was inspired by drug dealer turned snitch Alpo Martinez.

“Cam went through a lot, you know he got shot over that role in Washington. Yeah, that was over that. He’s never told his story, but there was times I hadn’t really realized what happened I was asking him to do another role once and he was like ‘yo bro I got shot over that role,'” Dame said in an interview.

“There was a certain scene where he was like ‘I don’t wanna do that scene.’ So when I found out I felt a little responsible and I didn’t wanna put anybody in that position again. Cause people take this story really serious. So it has to be really done completely correctly.”

Weeks back Dame revealed that Paid in Full 2 is being filmed in Newark.

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