Dallas Restaurant Under Fire For Condemning Twerking At Restaurant! (Video)

True Kitchen, a popular Dallas restaurant, is coming under fire after the owner condemned a group of women for “twerking” in front of customers, MTO News has learned.

Th incident occurred yesterday, when a group of women sat down to eat. According to social media reports, one of the women in the group stood up and began twerk dancing, in front of other customers – including children.


The restaurant owner came over and asked the women to stop dancing, and gave them a tongue lashing. The entire incident was captured on video:

The owner told the women, “I spent a lot of money buying this building and investing in this concept so that Black people would have somewhere good to go eat and feel good about ourselves as a culture.”

The owner continued, “75 percent of our customers are ladies … how can I tell the men to respect themselves, while you guys are here twerking.”

He ended by saying, “If you want to [twerk], get the f**k out of my restaurant.”

Here’s the video:

Shortly after the video posted, hundreds of women blasted the restaurant, and are now calling for a boycott.

And here are the responses:

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