Dad Catches Man ‘Preying’ On 12 y.o. Daughter; Pistol Whips Him On IG Live!! (Vid)

A Chicago father is going viral after he pulled a gun and brutally beat a man who he claimed was “preying” on his 12 year old daughter, MTO News has learned.

And the father – who is affiliated with Chicago’s Gangster Disciples gang – livestreamed the beating across social media, and tagged all his homies.

MTO News learned that according to the dad, he drove his 12 year old daughter to the store. The girl jumped out of the car to make a quick purchase – while her dad waited inside the car.

That’s when a grown man approached the 6th grade girl and allegedly started making predatory inappropriate comments towards her.

The dad – who was sitting in the car – saw the whole thing and jumped into action. The dad pulled out a handgun and began beating the alleged predator. During the beating the dad tells the alleged offender, “I’m 2-4.”

2-4 represents his affiliation with Chicago’s Gangster Disciples gang.


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