DaBaby Responds To Married Woman Who Alleged He Slid Into Her DMs

DaBaby has responded after a woman claimed on social media that he tried to slide into her DMs.

“Whichever one of you graphic designer n*ggas took my name and that blue check and created that fake ass motherf*ckin’ DM making it look like I’m out here tryin’ to slide in some wife DM, you dead f*ckin’ wrong,” he said in the video clip. “Dead wrong n*gga. And I don’t even talk like that. Pick up on my lingo a little better next time and maybe it will make some bigger blog sites… Make it sound a little bit more like me.”

The woman posted several long paragraphs to social media on Wednesday.


“He went behind my husband back and sent a woman to do his dirty work and hoping that it wouldn’t get back to my husband and thought I would keep it on the hush hush because of who you are!!” LaTruth wrote.

“Nah I’m NOT one of themmmmm. Those females you use to dealing with who would jump out of a moving car just to fk with you ! I’m SOLID and can’t be impressed by any man but my husband.”

People said she did it all for attention.

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