Da Baby & Meg The Stallion Are FIGHTING On Twitter; Megs’ BF Pardi Gets Into It TOO!


Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby are no longer on friendly terms, MTO News has confirmed. The two superstar rappers were beefing on IG yesterday for all the world to see.

The drama popped off on social media Saturday, just days after DaBaby released his “Skat” record with Tory Lanez. Tory has been accused of shooting Megan during a dispute last summer. 

Meg Thee Stallion Practices Her Twerking

It all started when DaBaby retweeted a post that made light of Lanez’s alleged attack on the Good News rapper. This is the post:

DaBaby claimed that he inadvertently retweeted it, and Twitter wouldn’t allow him to undue his retweet:

Megan then showed up to Twitter and fired a shot at DaBaby where she emphasized the gravity of the situation, which many simply dismissed as another internet beef. 

DaBaby then fired back, claiming Megan had “let these folks get the best you,” and told her to maintain her stance “without feeling like I’m against ya.”

Megan then told DaBaby her “stance has changed,” and then accused him of being a flip-flopper. She claimed they had a private conversation in which DaBaby said he wouldn’t promote his joint track with Lanez because it wasn’t a “good business move.”

Then Meg’s boyfriend Pardi got into it:

And Da Baby responded:

And Pardi ends it:

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