Da Baby Goes Viral Making Fun Of Flight Attendants HAIR!! (‘Comb Your Hair’)


Rap superstar Da Baby is going viral, after a video leaked, showing the rapper making fun of a flight attendant on his recent privately chartered flight, MTO News has learned.

In the video, Da Baby and his entourage are seated on the private jet – as a flight attendant was serving them beverages and meals.

When she walked over, Da Baby started making jokes about the flight attendant’s appearance, namely her hair. Da Baby told his friends, ‘It looks like she just rolled out of bed.” 

The group of men immediately started laughing at the middle aged flight attendant, MTO News confirmed.


Then Da Baby took it further barking orders at the lady, “If we gonna pay all [this] money for a flight, you’re gonna comb your hair.”

While the male members of Da Babys entourage continued laughing as he tormented the flight attendant, MTO News noticed that the lone woman in his entourage appeared to be embarrassed and ashamed.

Here’s the video:

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