DaBaby’s Baby Mama: Danileigh Was Sidechick – Used Lite Skin Magic To Steal Him From Me!!

Just when you thought that the drama between DaBaby and Danileigh couldn’t get crazier – MTO News has learned that DaBaby’s other baby’s mother is speaking out about the incident, both publicly and privately. And she’s dropping bombs.

MTO News can confirm that when DaBaby first met and started messing with Danileigh, he was in a full blown relationship with his baby’s mother MeMe.

DaBaby and MeMe were together before the fame, and she was well known to be his girlfriend.

So it is without question that – at least in the beginning of the relationship – Danileigh was the side chick.

MeMe went on IG Live yesterday explaining the heartbreak she felt when her soulmate was cheating on her, and eventually impregnated his famous side piece, MTO News has learned.

In the heartbreaking IG Live, MeMe explained how Danileigh would constantly text her and harass her about DaBaby. She told her fans publicly that Danileigh “got what she deserved.”


And privately MeMe is saying even more. MTO News spoke with one of MeMe’s friend who told us that MeMe believes that Danileigh used ‘Lite Skin Magic’ to steal DaBaby away from her.

The friend told MTO News, “Da Baby was hypnotized by being with a lite skin, she used her lite skin magic to steal that N***a.”

The friend added, “Looks like her magic ran out, and [Da Baby] realized that he left a real one for a basic b***h.”

Wow, what do you think? Is there such a thing as “lite skinned magic” and is that why DaBaby strayed??

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