D.L. Hughley Speaks On Chris Rock Slapping


D.L. Hughley says that Chris Rock will now always be known as the man who was slapped by Will Smith.

“[Will Smith] got to be celebrated,” Hughley said. “He got a standing ovation, he got to go to the after parties and get jiggy with it, and then he got to go home and write an apology. I don’t begrudge him that. But I’ll tell you this, I don’t think the offense was worth a lifetime of this.”

He continued, “Chris Rock will forever be the man who got slapped at the Oscars. Forever. I don’t think the offense matches the punishment. I do not at all. But it has happened and it will be indelible. We will forget what he said but never that he got slapped. There may well be a cure for alopecia but we’ll still remember this. We’re gonna always remember it.”

Is he right? Will the slap forever be what Chris Rock is known for?

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