D.L. Hughley Responds To Getting RAN DOWN By Kanye’s Friend: Who TF Is Theodore Huxtable

MTO News reported yesterday that two of Kanye’s friends ran down on DL Hughley as he ate dinner with his wife, and mother in Los Angeles. Now DL is responding to what happened.

The incident popped off because the comedy icon told VladTV that he believed West was stalking Kim Kardashian, and the billionaire rapper clapped back. 

Over the weekend, Kanye’s homie Theophilus London jumped into the controversy by confronting DL, and posting video of the confrontation online.

London uploaded a photo of Hughley and added, “Lmao. I told him to apologize on camera for doing that dumb Vlad interview and his people called security.” The post quickly went viral and Hughley returned to offer his take on the encounter.

“WHO??? Who TF is THEODORE HUXTABLE and WHY IS HE VIDEOBOMBING my table while I’m having dinner with friends and family??” Hughley questioned. “These new cats are built WAY DIFFERENT [facepalm emoji] Where do you draw the line on clout chasing?? I would say: taking a video in the bathroom at @noburestaurants while another man has his [eggplant emoji] out!!”

“Security was doing their job keeping the clout chasers away from the guests TRYING to enjoy their dinner,” he added. “CONGRATULATIONS[clap emoji] YOU PLAYED YOURSELF!! @j.vega934 WHEN ARE THEY GONNA LEARN TO STOP COMING FOR ME??” This all seems far from over. Check it out below.

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