Cypress Hill’s B-Real: F*ck Steve Harvey!!

Cypress Hill rapper B-Real had some harsh words for Steve Harvey about all of the negative comments he’s made about Hip-Hop over the years.

“We knew him before he came through, obviously, because he was a famous comedian. But, we also knew him because he was overtly against Hip-Hop. He would speak against it, ‘Man, f*ck that sh*t ain’t music. Y’all don’t know how to talk to women and y’all be disrespecting the women and all this violent sh*t.’ Like just keying in on all the negative and not the positives,” he said towards the end of the interview.

He added, “This is where Hip Hop lives and you gotta guy that is shitting on Hip-Hop every f*cking chance he gets. And he still does to this day. Every chance he gets, he will dog Hip-Hop.”

Steve Harvey has not always spoken so negatively about the culture — is B-Real right to be angry?

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