Cynthia Bailey Unhappy About Gizelle Bryant Wedding Remarks

Cynthia Bailey is reportedly upset about remarks Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant made about her wedding.

Gizelle claimed she left Cynthia’s wedding early after guests began to remove their masks.

“I was very nervous too…When it first started, absolutely everybody had either a shield or a mask on. But then people started eating and drinking, and that’s when it was chaos a little bit,” Gizelle told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Karen Huger talked to Cynthia, and she says the Real Housewives of Atlanta star did not care for Gizelle’s comments. She says Gizelle lied.

“I do question Gizelle’s motives now. Why was she there? So I went a little further with Cynthia Bailey and…Cynthia was of course was not happy about the comments Gizelle had made. But she shared something with me that I find striking because when Gizelle was on ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Andy Cohen asked her…she said, ‘I left because I didn’t feel safe.’ And Andy said, ‘Oh you’re going back to the hotel and…’ And she says, ‘Yeah, I had to go back to my hotel.’ And he said, ‘Oh to be with Jamal?’ And she said, ‘Uh, allegedly.’ And Andy goes something like, ‘Oh my God, why does it have to be allegedly? Y’all are grown.’ And she says, ‘Okay, Andy, okay Andy, I’m going back to the hotel to be with Jamal.'”


“Well, that was a lie because, to be honest, Cynthia Bailey received a phone call from Gizelle three days prior to the wedding. And she shared that Jamal was not going to be in attendance.”

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