Cyhi The Prynce Explains Why Kanye West Supported Trump

Cyhi The Prynce has tried to explain why his longtime friend, Kanye West, supported Donald Trump.

“When I feel like God has a calling for someone, I can’t step in the middle. He doesn’t really have the time to explain himself. He gets a lot of information. He meets with every powerful person in the world. You wouldn’t believe how many private jets he flies people out on, just to have a thirty-minute, hour meeting with them. This is a man who gets information that Twitter may not be able to get — He gets classified information,” he told DJ Vlad.


He continued: “I do want people to understand, when you’re a spook that’s sat by the door, you’re privy to a lot of information people aren’t privy to. When we say, this person is wrong just cause he put on the hat, I know people who’ve done way more egregious things that never put on the hat. Since the Clinton administration, Blacks been getting locked up, firearms been in our neighborhoods, way before Trump was our President.”

“If you look at [Trump’s] history with Black people, he’s closer to them than any other President outside of Obama.”

Is he right?

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