Cuban Link Walks Back On Fat Joe Snitch Allegations: The Paperwork Was Fake!!

Terror Squad rapper Cuban Link has walked back on allegations that Fat Joe is a snitch.

He took to Instagram Live to say that after checking out the details of the paperwork — he was wrong.

 “It’s time, the word is out, whatever it is, it’s childish shit. But the Joe situation and the paperwork, it was explained that I got it from Star,” he said.

“Star, if you go to his channel, you’ll see all the sh*t that’s going on. He was the one that set it off. He was actually getting mad that it wasn’t putting my name out there instead of him. I just shouted him out in everything I did because he’s the one who broke the story.”

He says he also spoke to Fat Joe.

“So the paperwork as it stands, it’s forgiven [sic]. I’m glad that I did not get put on by no fake rat n*gga, so there’s a part of me that is happy. Besides that, I did my own homework and it leads to dead ends. He’s not a rat. He’s not a snitch. Paperwork is fake. The truth right now as it stands, he cleared his name.”

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