Crunchy Black Thinks Pooh Shiesty Is Guilty!!


Crunchy Black thinks Pooh Shiesty is guilty of the charges the cops have filed against him.

Rapper Pooh Shiesty is being held without bond while awaiting trial for his alleged involvement in shooting two men “during a street purchase of marijuana and high-end sneakers.”

Cops say that Shiesty pulled up to the scene in a McLaren he rented from one of the victims and wanted to negotiate the car’s rental as well, but during the transaction, he and his codefendant shot the men — one in the hip and the other in the butt, according to the court documents.

“Pooh Shiesty, look at this n*gga. He just got in the game. He already jumping out the car, robbin’ a n*gga and sh*t,” he said.

The person off-camera then says, “Allegedly.”

“Yeah, whatever. We saw that n*gga. Alleged, my ass. But Pooh Shiesty, that’s my n*gga. Just sayin, he did it. It was him. I ain’t gonna act like that wasn’t him. That was Pooh Shiesty. They can’t lock him up because I say it would him. I could still be lyin,” Crunchy added.

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