Crunchy Black Says The Worst Drug He Ever Did Was Cocaine

Crunchy Black revealed more about Three 6 Mafia’s drug use and says the worst drug he ever took was cocaine.

“I just think the business that we’re in cocaine is good for, could be or might be, when you partying and not actually doing business. In this game that we’re in, when you’re on coke sometimes if you don’t have a Leland Jones or my manager Don, them type of people, you’ll head down the road. You don’t want to talk to people sometimes when you’re high and that’s most of the time your business come through,” he told DJ Vlad.

He continued: “You don’t wanna be around people ’cause you thinkin’ they judgin’ you because they see you doing it or know you’re doing it. That is the worst thing that I will say — cocaine is bad for you in music or entertainment, you need to be focused.”

Crunchy says the group also “sipped syrup and popped pills.”

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