Crunchy Black: Saweetie Is A Typical B*tch!!

Quavo and Saweetie split weeks ago, but Crunchy Black doesn’t think Saweetie is anything special.

During an interview with DJ Vlad, he spoke about the reports that Quavo took a Bentley back from the rapper.

“Yeah, I thought they said that he sent the repo people to take the car back from the bitch. Cause he was smart enough to not cash out on that car. Do that lease sh*t. You know what I’m saying? So, he was smart to lease that car so he was able to send them over there and tell a bitch, ‘Give my car back,” he said.

“And Saweetie, she’s a typical bitch. She’s a typical bitch. Hoes always, and that’s the reason why, this part of this interview, I’m finna go in on these bitches. Hoes always tryin’ to get somethin’ for nothin’. Listen to me: D*ck is more important than p*ssy at the same time. Hey, just as well as you can sell your p*ssy, I can go sell my d*ck.”


Y’all agree?

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