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Crip Member Says MO3 Killed 2 People From Houston!!

A member of the Crips gang is claiming that deceased rapper MO3 killed two people.

"He killed two people in Houston. Yeah, at VLive. They tried to kill him at VLive," he said.

"He had a stash spot in his car where he keep his pistol and he couldn't get to it," he said. "As y'all saw the video homie, sh*t, he went out to try to go get it -- got out the car and tried to go get it, he just didn't have time. If you livin' that life and you rappin' about it and you know you got rap beef, I'd rather be caught with it, than without it," he said.

He said even though MO3 "went out like a G," he should have had his pistol on his lap.

"When you the n*gga that be doing all the shootin' and you hardly getting shot at, then you lax," he said. "But you ain't never going to catch mine in the stash spot and I'm out on three bonds. Mine gonna be in my lap."