Costco Black Girl ‘Abuse’ Was A HOAX; Woman Arrested For Making False Report!! (Details)

On Friday, August 20, 2021, the internet went wild with a story that a White family in Costco was mistreating a Black adopted daughter. A woman named Angelica Marie Mendez, 21, video’d the family eating and claimed that the Black girl told her she was being “abused.”

Well police say that the whole thing was a hoax, and have arrested Angelica.

Angelica went viral after she posted the video on social media, and it was viewed by tens of millions of people. Thousands called the police, and made horrible statements towards the family.

You may have seen this post.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (Palm Desert Station) was contacted, MTO News confirmed, and investigated the allegation that a female juvenile was a victim of child neglect and sexual assault. 

According to police, “These serious allegations set in motion hundreds of staff-hours, by several law enforcement agencies, in two separate states.”

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Police conducted 4 independent investigations related to this incident, and all four of the independent investigations concluded the allegations were false. 

Authorities told the media, including MTO News that, “It appears the reporting person had seemingly made up the allegations and had no supporting evidence to substantiate her claims. “

Angelica’s statements, police claim, made both to law enforcement and publicly had numerous inconsistencies.

Because of the horrendous nature of the allegations there was significant public outrage, the DA has decided to prosecute Angelica. 

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department arrested Angelica Marie Mendez, 21-years-old, from Desert Hot Springs for providing false information to a police officer and knowingly filing a false police report.

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