Cornell West Marries His Longtime ARAB GF; Black Twitter Has Meltdown!!

University professor Cornell West is finally married, MTO News has confirmed. Cornell married his longtime girlfriend, an Arab political science professor named Annahita Mahdavi.

The couple announced their marriage on Twitter earlier this week. It is the sixth marriage for Cornell and the second for Annahita.

Here are pictures of the happy couple:

Unfortunately not everyone is happy for the newlyweds. MTO News learned that a bunch of people on social media are blasting Cornell for his new wife.

The dissenters on Black Twitter claim that Cornell has been spending too much time discussing the plight of Palestinians, Afghans and other Arabs – and not the plight of Black people around the world.

They claim further that Cornell’s now more worried about Arabs than he is about Blacks, because of his new wife.

Black Twitter, however, may not be the only ones concerned about Cornell West’s new politics. According to him he was denied tenure at Harvard University because of his outspokenness on Palestine. He said, “Harvard declined to consider him for tenure in part due to his outspoken criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.”

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Annahita Mahdavi immigrated from Iran in 1985 and resided in Turkey as a UN refugee until 1988 when she was granted a residency for Sweden. After staying in Sweden for two years, she came to the United States in 1990, where she was granted political asylum in the United States as well.

She received her Phd from Pepperdine University and the focus of her studies has been the resiliency of human beings in the face of atrocities. Her dissertation title is: “Perceptions of Acculturation Resiliency Factors of Iranian, Iraqi, and Afghan Refugees”. As part of her Ph.D. Fieldwork studies, she has been a part of international studies in Ireland, Belfast (2010) looking at the high rates of suicide, Peru, Lima (2014) looking at the traumatic impact of poverty on the indigenous population.

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