Cop Involved in Breonna Taylor Shooting Sued For Sexual Assault!!

The only cop to face charges for the night of Breonna Taylor’s shooting is being sued by a woman for sexual assault.

A woman is claiming that former Lousiville police officer Brett Hankison sexually assaulted her in 2018 while she was intoxicated after giving her a ride home from a bar where he was worked as a security guard.

“Brett Hankison is a 44-year-old sexual predator. For years, he has used his police uniform and secondary night club employment as mechanisms to prey on innocent women who are two decades younger than him,” the lawsuit filed by Margo Borders, a law school student, reads.

She first met Hankison in 2017 through mutual friends. She says that he offered to give her a ride home. When she arrived, he invited himself into her home and helped himself to her couch. She then went to change to go to bed… and it was then that the assault occurred.

“Margo left Hankison on the couch and went to her room to change. She’d had plenty to drink and went to sleep rather than returning to the living room,” the lawsuit said. “While Margo was unconscious, Hankison went into her room, stripped off his clothes and willfully, intentionally, painfully and violently sexually assaulted Margo.”

The next day, he messaged her trying to play it off as though they had consensual sex. She was too afraid to report him to the police. She first publicly accused him in June via a Facebook post.

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