Cop Fired For Fatally Shooting Elderly Man Riding In Mobility Scooter!!

A Tucson police officer has been fired after he fatally shot a man in a mobility scooter.

The 61-year-old man had been accused of shoplifting and the cop ran down on him outside Walmart. 

Officer Ryan Remington is seen in the surveillance video walking behind Richard Lee Richards. After asking Richards to stop, he fired at him 9 times. The officer hit the man in the back and side, killing him.

Richards was accused of stealing a toolbox from Walmart

“According to the employee, he caught up with Mr. Richards outside as he fled the store and asked to see a receipt for the toolbox. Instead of providing the receipt, Mr. Richards brandished a knife and said, ‘Here’s your receipt,'” the cop’s attorney told CNN.

“Mr. Richards refused to comply, and instead continued to head through the Walmart and Lowe’s parking lots,” he continued.

The officer reportedly said on radio, “I have a male suspect that just shoplifted, left in front of me, he pulled a knife on me. 

“According to the Walmart employee, Mr. Richards said, ‘If you want me to put down the knife, you’re going to have to shoot me.'”

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