Conway Details Kanye West’s ‘Weird’ Studio Rules


Conway opened up about Kanye West’s weird rules in the studio.

“At first it was kind of different for me because I didn’t really grow up in the church world,” he told Complex. “And I’m used to studio sessions where it’s the homies around. It’s n*ggas smoking, it’s n*ggas drinking. You got ladies over here. You got n*ggas smoking over there, shooting dice.”

He said they were not even allowed to have their phones.

“And this one — ain’t no smoking, no drinking, no nothing,” Conway said. “You can’t even have your f*cking cell phone in the motherf*cker. It was kind of weird at first. Not weird, just different the first couple days. But, you know, it was nothing for me. At the end of the day, I was just happy and blessed to even be welcomed in that man’s atmosphere.”

DONDA is out and now Ye is trying to get his wife, Kim Kardashian, back. But she has already moved on by all appearances.

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