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Controversial Host Tommy Sotomayor Fights Black Woman During Fresh N Fit Podcast!!

Tommy Sotomayor is one of the most controversial podcasters on Youtube - where is known for posting videos bashing Black women. In his podcasts, Tommy - who is Black - calls dark skinned African American women "ugly," and says that they have "rude" personalities.

Yesterday he sat next a beautiful and confident Black woman during the Fresh N Fit podcast, and disrespected the young woman to her face - a despicable act. Then the middle aged man actually put hands on the young model, MTO News observed.

Tommy was a guest on The Fresh N Fit podcast - a podcast known for spreading mysogenistic content across social media. 

During the interview, Tommy was sitting next to a dark skin model, whom he constantly disrespected. On multiple occasions he called the woman a "b*tch" to her face.

When the woman protested, Tommy raised his voice and called the woman a "stupid b*tch" then he threatened the woman. In the video, Tommy can be heard saying, "I'm the wrong n***a, I'll f**k you up in here."

A melee ensued, and the two began pushing and shoving each other - as security stepped in. The model got the best of 47 year old Tommy. In the video she appears to two piece him right in the jaw.