Controversial BLACK Comedian Hit w/ S*x Assault Allegations By 2 White Women!!

MTO News just received some disturbing information. Two women are planning on coming forward shortly to accuse a popular and controversial African American comedian – of s*xual assault.

According to a person affiliated with one of the women, both have hired a high powered attorney and are working on putting together a press conference, designed at airing out their allegations publicly.

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MTO News has not been able to independently evaluate the woman’s claims – and so we won’t be revealing the name of their alleged attacker.

But when news of their claims breaks – it will certainly be devastating for the career of the extremely popular comedian.

According to our insider, “They are going to drag him for [his alleged attack]. Then they’re going to sue him for millions, Hopefully he goes to jail also.”

This news – which is expected to break in the next week – couldn’t happen at a worse time. The comedian has been in the news lately and made quite a few powerful enemies . . . 

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