Common Says Fat Joe Saved His Life During Ice Cube & Mack 10 Beef

Common famously once beefed with Ice Cube and Mack 10.

He says that he owes his life to Fat Joe.

The Chicago rapper says he ran into Mack 10 while filming a soda commercial.

“That brother kinda saved my life. Fat Joe saved my life. So, after the beef with Ice Cube and Mack 10, the beef we had, it got settled by Minister Farrakhan. You know Cube, my guy, but I had to go for mine. We doing this Sprite commercial. It’s like a voltron commercial where they take an artist from each region,” he said.

“Fat Joe was representing the East, Goodie Mob was representing the South, I was representing the Midwest and Mack 10 was representing the West Coast. Beef been squashed, everything’s good.”

He said while on set, one of his homies was staring Mack 10 down.


“Just grilling him. Mack 10 was like, ‘What you looking at homie?’ He’s like, ‘I’m from Chicago. We look n*ggas in they eye.’ From that point, I know Mack 10 homie went and got they thing and was like, ‘Yo.’ Fat Joe came to me and was like … my guy did a little more after that, too; just agitating the situation. Fat Joe said, ‘Your man gotta go. He gotta leave. He can’t stay.’ And it’s about to get real in here.”

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