T.K. Kirkland Says T.I. Could Make Millions In Comedy Even If He’s Not Good

Comedian T.K. Kirkland said he thinks T.I. could make millions from his new comedy route and “not even be good.”

“T.I., because he’s a phenomenal rapper, will sell out every comedy club in America, because he’s T.I. and make 70, 80 thousand on the weekends just because he T.I.,” Kirkland told VladTV, adding “Life’s not fair.”

“But if he stays with it, guess what? He could probably become really decent in seven, eight, nine years. ‘Cause all it takes is practice. He’s got a great stage presence about him,” he continued. “He’s been around comedy for a minute. I know him very well, so he could probably pull it off. But right now, he could probably make a million, two million dollars this year and not even be good. His fan base in the rap world will come see him do standup and support him.”

T.I. recently confronted comedian Godfrey who criticized his comedy debut.


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