Comedian Lil Duval DUMPED Girlfriend; For 24 Yr Old Mexican STRIPPER!! (Pics)


Comedian Lil Duval is going viral this morning. MTO News learned that his longtime girlfriend – a gorgeous Atlanta woman named Sheri is claiming that he broke up with her – for a 24 year old “Mexican stripper.”

Lil Duval is 43 years old.

Lil Duval is a popular comedian/movie star, and he and Sheri were fixtures in Atlanta. The pair lived together for years, and were always out at celebrity events together.

But that didn’t stop Lil Duval from “living his best life” with his side pieces . . . allegedly.

The couple split last month – MTO News confirmed – and initially Sheri and Duval were keeping news of their separation private.


Then yesterday, Sheri decided to spill tea on Duval. MTO News learned that, according to Sheri, Duval is now dating a “24 year old Mexican stripper.”

Which probably means he’s showing the new boo off…


Here are some pics of Duval’s gorgeous ex Sheri:

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