Comedian Faizon Love On Why He Called Dave East A ‘Fake Crip’

Comedian Faizon Love is not a fan of New York rapper Dave East — calling him “a fake crip.” 

He is also baffled as to why MC Eiht gave East a pass.

“Listen I saw what B.G. said, and I texted him, and I was like ‘n*gga you right. I’m 52 why do I give a f*ck if he’s a real crip or not. But it’s in me, and it’s not on me. I don’t know if you know what that means. It’s apart of our real culture.”

He wants East to do the right thing. 

“You can’t just say something. Once you put that out there, you’re letting people know. So I’m not your worst guy, your worst problem is a young brother coming up from ESP, a real blood, catching you and that’s it.


“You can’t rap when he comes up. I’m from ESP Piru. What it do?’ If you banging, that’s what banging is. You don’t aspire to be a gang member. You’re from that set, you grow up, you don’t really grow out of it. It’s always apart of you.”

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