College Football Player Charged w/ Raping & Murdering 6 Mnth Old Baby!!

Former college football player Cameron Elliott, 22, is charged with the rape and murder of an infant child after allegedly beating the baby to death.

The savagely abused 8-month-old girl was taken off life support on Monday after being in critical condition for six days, according to the local Alabama press. 

The tiny innocent victim was taken off life support at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham Monday morning after two tests showed she was brain dead.

The young girl’s mother told officers that “Cameron Almen Elliott took (the child) on a car ride and when he returned approximately 10 minutes later (she) was gasping for air and in her current state,” according to, citing an affidavit by Detective Timothy Pace. The infant was healthy and had no injuries prior to the car ride, it added.


The affidavit said responding officers found the infant with “a bite mark on her arm,” bruises, welts and abrasions on her neck and face, shoulders and legs and was “gasping for air and unresponsive.” The baby was rushed to Decatur Morgan Hospital and the medical staff informed officers that “all of her injuries appeared to be recent and her nonresponsive condition was due to the amount of trauma her body had received.”

According to police in Decatur, Alabama Cameron attacked the baby girl one week ago. He’s reportedly being held on $260,000 bond for capital murder, sexual torture, and various drug charges.

The penalty for murder of a child under 14 years old in Alabama is death or life without parole.

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