Colin Kaepernick Heckled While Leaving Knicks Game

Video footage of Colin Kaepernick being heckled by a man after leaving a basketball game has surfaced online.

Kaepernick was walking out of Madison Square Garden, when man called him ” a bum” who never knew how to throw the football. 

Peep the clip below.

Kaepernick wants to go back to the NFL, but last year, sources says it probably won’t ever happen.

“The chances of Colin joining a team in the near future or at all is pretty much nonexistent. He hasn’t played since 2016 and most teams either have the quarterbacks they want or can get a quarterback they need without the baggage that would come in the media of signing him. Also making sure he could coexist with the team as a whole is of concern since some may agree or disagree with his social justice journey,” the insider said per HollywoodLife.

While most people think Kaepernick was right to take a knee and the NFL has tried to be more inclusive, Kaepernick would just be too controversial for them.

“Good or bad, it really would cause distraction and no team wants or needs that. The NFL has moved on from Colin, so when it comes to his dreams, they will continue to be dreams as teams don’t want to deal with everything else that would come with him returning,” the source added.

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