Coi Leray: I’m Embarrassed To Be Benzino’s Daughter!!

Coi Leray, the daughter of Benzino, has publicly claimed that she’s embarrassed to be his daughter.

In her new song, “No More Parties,” she sings, “My daddy let me down, but I promise you I won’t let up/I wanna say f*ck that man, but that sh*t won’t make me better.”

Benzino heard the track and responded:

“I been posting and supporting, so idk where all this bs is coming from. That line in her song is [cap] my name and rep is very important to me and nobody is gonna tarnish that for story line u dig? I still love u very much coileray but this gotta stop.”

Coi did not appreciate his response:

“And this is why I NEVER WANTED ANYBODY TO KNOW!!! I’M EMBARRASSED TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER. I should have been a boy your right cause I would have knocked you the f*ck out already. NUMB TO THE PAIN!! I’m hurting right now but it’s all good. Ima be the one to PUT US RIGHT BACK IN THAT MANSION.”

She also hopped on Instagram Live to slam Benzino:

“It’s crazy ’cause we was just on the phone crying yesterday, sharing this moment. Like, really sharin’ the moment,” she said. “For this man to come on here and do this is so lame and this is the reason he burned all his bridges today. Look here, father… I’m on Billboard charting right now and all you can do is this lame sh*t? Yeah, still proving on how much you lack as a father.”

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