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Coi Leray: 'I Realized I Wasn't A Lesbian After I Ate P*ssy . . . It Wasn't For Me'!!

Female hip hop star Coi Leray has most recently been romantically linked to Toronto artist Pressa. The two are very public with their relationship, and Pressa's relationship is considered "goals" by both of their fans.


Yesterday Nicki Minaj threw some cold water on Coi's relationship. In the past, Coi has faced rumors regarding her sexuality and whether or not she was into women. 

During a recent Instagram Live session with Coi, Nicki decided to broach the subject, which led to a quick response from Leray, who noted that she has tried to be with women, however, she did not enjoy it.

“No, no, no. I like dick," Leray said. “No. I ate pussy before, though. It just wasn’t for me. After I was in it, that’s when I realized! I was like, ‘Listen, this is not for me. This is not my type of thing.'”

Nicki seemed pretty surprised by Leray's candidness throughout the conversation, and it made for a pretty entertaining live session.