Claudia Jordan Defends Nicole Murphy For Sleeping w/ Lela Rochon’s Husband!!

Claudia Jordan is good friends with Nicole Murphy — but her Cocktails with Queens cohosts LisaRaye McCoy and Vivica A. Fox did not appreciate her defending Nicole’s actions after she was caught on camera canoodling with Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Fuqua in 2019.

“I’m going to tell you, I’ve known Nicole Murphy for a very, very long time and when she dated Lela Rochon’s husband or whatever that little thing was with them … I just was- the hair on the back of my neck just cringed because I know all involved. And there has to come a time, I don’t care…. and especially if you know the person, that something in you should say ‘no,’ something should say ‘no, I’m cool on that” or make sure they’re divorced or something like that because it’s just so many people involved that get hurt and it was one time when I wanted kick Nicole Murphy’s ass, I really did,” Vivica said.

Claudia then chimed in: “Well that’s my friend,” but was quickly interrupted by Lisa Raye who said “I’m going to stay off this because everybody knows how I feel.”

She continued, “I’m going to address that because that’s a good friend of mine actually. We’ve talked about it and she said that the story that’s out there is not the whole truth, and also I know other women that have said — lay claim, on the same man out here in these streets, being promised a whole bunch of things. And I feel like, -I agree with you, dating someone’s ex or, ‘we cool’, we shouldn’t be dating each other’s exes, and also I feel like we gotta stop letting the men got off scott free…”


“You said, ‘I know she said it wasn’t the truth that was out there’… you just have to realize, the camera don’t lie,” Vivica said.” There was a lot of evidence that was right there to see. It didn’t look like they were having tea.”

Check out the episode below.

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